Friday, November 13, 2009

Vasiliy Images Tweeting

Well, it has happened... Vasiliy Images is now on Twitter! How cool is that??? At Vasiliy Images we are trend setters! (Just kidding!) I'm actually somewhat anti-social media.... I think because I like the face-to-face contact more.

But, as everyone knows, the species that survives is not the strongest one, but the one that is able to adapt to changes in its environment. Under that idea Vasiliy Images is giving Twitter a try to see how it goes. Plus, it seems to be the thing that the cool kids are into.
But yeah, Vasiliy Images now has a Twitter account. Now you can become one of our followers and get updates when ever this blog is updated, or when my account is updated, or anything else that interesting happens. I haven't figured out for what and how we'll use Twitter.... but we'll learn and figure something out as we go along.

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