Thursday, March 19, 2009

Photographing Hadlock

Recently we photographed Kris Hadlock, the lead singer of arena rock band Hadlock. I have worked many times with Kris in the past so this was nothing new to us. Both of us are pretty comfortable working with each other. As always at our photo shoots there is a naked girl between us.... just kidding.... well maybe not this time.

The idea for this photo shoot was to create powerful images of rejection because many of Hadlock songs deal with heartbreak. The idea that Kris, Marty (his publicist) and me came up with was to photograph Kris at a restaurant booth right after a break up. You can see for your self if we got those shots or not.... but we had a lot of fun trying.

Black and White or Color?
I generally don't like B&W Photography... it's not my specialty, and I just don't like it. I tend to stick to bright vivid colors. And at this location that's what we had. As I was shooting I kept thinking to my self how great the color will come out. But in the end as I converted one of the images to B&W it just made it much more interesting. More importantly before the photo session, I came upon a portfolio by Helmut Newton featuring his B&W photography with nude models... his images were very striking to me and thus influenced me to see how these images would look as B&W.

Topless Model
By this point (if you are a guy) you must be wondering, yeah whatever, who is the girl with no shirt? And what is the story behind those images! To be honest there is no story, she was added in post-production I have no idea who she is..... just kidding. That's Marty who happened to be a nude model, she suggested the shots and we went with the flow.