Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Nuts and Bolts

The following are my favorite shots of the guys and girl from Nuts & Bolts Comedy Improve Troupe based in Rochester, NY. A friend of mine (who is with the troupe) asked me if I can shoot them and after months of trying he finally rounded up most of the troupe (I think it was most of them?) and we shoot 'em. My favorite of them all is probably the group shot.... why? I generally hate doing group shots because so many variables can go wrong, and normally do... (from an aesthetic perspective) however these guys were pretty funny and cooperative.... and that's always a huge plus.... so I think that's why the pic came out good!

Nuts & Bolts

Ryan Turco

Matt Roy

Matt Cadrette

John Barthelmes

Jeremy Brown

Jake Ottosen

Frank Storace

Bryan Agnello

Andy Anderson

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Still Got It

This picture of Chris Raw was for a prep profile.... This was my first shoot after being off the whole week on vacation. I was not looking forward to returning to work just yet.... one more day would have been nice... but non the less...... this brotha gots to get paid! I set up my little Westcott soft box and popped few pics from across the starting block. (Yes Sir. feels good to know you still got
after a week of not picking up the camera!)