Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Bills over Jets

(The Buffalo Bills have won their first game this year (!!!!!!!!) and here are several of my favorite shots. Most of the shots are self explanatory (...I hope) however, here are few of their stories from behind the shutter.)

This shot was a missed opportunity on my end of the 4th and 1 (4th and goal) touchdown pass that was perhaps the most talked about play of the game. I was dinking around and preparing to get a pic of the field goal as that what the Bills were initially going for, that changed and they went for a pass instead. I missed the catch but the jubilation afterwards made a better picture in my opinion. I had the 17-35mm on my camera (since this was an end zone play) and as soon as they began to celebrate I ran few yards over and stuck my hand with the camera between two photogs and set it completely on the ground and fired off 5-6 shots. The reason I think it is a better shot is because not only is Michael Gaines (86) (who made the catch) is in the picture but also rookie QB Trent Edwards (5) who got much praise for great execution of the play on 4th and 1.

Buffalo's rookie QB Trent Edwards..... the next starting QB and answer to Buffalo's prayers? ( ... many people hope so!)

Josh Reed (82) almost made it!

And in the 2nd half Bills made a touch down... and as He said...... it was gooooooood!!!!

The other interesting shot was the New York Jets' Laveranues Coles (87) makes a touchdown catch over Buffalo's Terrence McGee (24) in the 2nd half. I generaly don't shoot this close when I'm in the endzone... (but I guess I should) this was just a lucky shot. By this time I retirede the 300mm f/2.8 with 1.7x TC and was just playing around with the 70-200mm with 1.7x TC. Even though this picture was taken at 70mm mark the 1.7x brought the action closer as though it was shot with a 119mm, I continued following the action.....
...... and got this pic as Laveranues Coles (87) came crashing down for a tough down. I later cheked the shots that AP and Getty Images, as well as local newspapers had of the same play, and (call me biest :-) my came out looking the best! This could have been a better shot had it been Buffalo's touchdown.... but, I'm happy with the outcome of the game and these pics.

Rian Lindell 's 46 yard field goal!

In yo face boyeeee!!!!!!!!

This shot of the New York Jets' Andre Dyson (21) intercepting the ball over Buffalo's Lee Evans (83) was a much anticipated. I took out the 70-200mm and just fallowed the action. I moved from the sideline to the end zone and sat next to Jay Capers from the Democrat and Chronicle. As we were busting each others chops with, "That's what she said!" jokes, I said, "Watch this, it will be a pass to the end zone... and L'll get this really cool shot the the player in the Superman pose diving towards the camera with his finger tips right on the ball! lol" and like clockwork Lee Evans ran to his favorite spot...... it's just too bad the pass was intercepted.

Just chillin' like a villain!

In conclusion, my two cents are this.... I hope this win does one of the two things...
1) Helps rookie QB Trent Edwards establish a starting position as QB for Buffalo, and/or ...
2) Puts fire (... get it? cuz its a picture of a fire? hahahaha) under J.P. Losmans butt and makes him step up his game so Bills can win more often.