Thursday, September 3, 2009

Images to "Enjoy The Journey"

Recently, a friend of a friend of mine completed her meditation site featuring images that we at Vasiliy Images created of her. I'm really impressed with her website. Not just because how her webmaster Brian Orner incorporated the images into the layout but also with the overall look, feel and ease of navigation.

All of these images were shot during two sessions. The first session was at Hadlock's home studio, and later the same evening at some brook at some park. (I don't know where the park was... I just followed her vehicle that evening... it was probably in Victor, NY.)

The other session was at the beach at dusk (just before night fall.) My thinking for this project was to incorporate earth, air, water and wind into the whole theme however, that wasn't what she was going for so some of the pictured didn't make it onto the site. So ha! too bad for her! (just kidding, lol) But, that's ok.... it does not mean those images won't see the light of day. Here are few of them below.... and as always.... enjoy the journey!